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Here you will find the information and documents you require to get your Help to Buy case running smoothly.                                                           

Information for Developers

All house builders and developers are eligible to register to participate in the Help to Buy initiative. To register as a builder you need to complete the required Registration Form.

Below you can download the guide for house builders and developers. This document gives an overview of the scheme, how to register and the role of Help to Buy Agents:

House Builder & Developer Participation Guidance

To advertise your properties on our website please contact our Digital Marketing Officer, Clare Taylor on 0300 790 0570. You can also download our Marketing Menu which highlights all the options available to you.

Download the Help to Buy Logo and Guidelines for use in your marketing material:

Jpeg Logo

PNG Logo

EPS Logo

Help to Buy Logo Guidelines


Developer FAQ's

How do I register on the scheme?

Initial registration is completed directly with Homes England, who provide all the relevant documentation to get you signed up for Help to Buy. Once you’ve completed all the required paperwork, the central Homes England team notify us that you have been added to the contract list and we can begin to accept and process applications for your sales. The guidance and forms can be found on the GOV.UK website:

Can you provide any help with marketing?

Our website has around 20,000 hits a month and contains a variety of useful resources, including specialist blogs and news articles, as well as a searchable database of Help to Buy properties in our region. We also maintain an active presence on social media, and as Help to Buy Agent we will help you market your properties in various ways.

To receive a guide to uploading properties and get set up with a website login free of charge, please contact our Digital Marketing Officer, Clare Taylor. 

How do I advise potential buyers?

All Help to Buy applicants need to complete a Property Information Form and a Direct Debit Form, and submit it to us with a copy of your reservation form. The reservation form needs to be signed by both you and the buyers, and include the plot details, the full purchase price and the date of reservation. We can’t accept a memorandum of sale, and if any of the details are missing from the reservation form, we won’t be able to process the application. If you don’t have a standard form, let us know and we can provide a template which contains all the details we need.

Do I need to wait for Help to Buy documents?

Yes. The buyers will be unable to secure their mortgage without our Authority to Proceed, and it’s a contractual obligation that you do not exchange contracts without an Authority to Exchange. You also cannot complete without a valid Confirmation to Developer. Failure to comply with these requirements are reported directly to Homes England, and can lead to funds being withheld or exclusion from future Help to Buy contracts. If you’re unsure that the documents you have are enough, please contact us to confirm before going further.

When will I receive funds?

As a small developer (under 40 units), we will access the payment system (IMS) on your behalf to arrange funding. Due to the time it takes for funds to be approved and transferred, we ask for 12 working days’ notice of the intended completion date to make sure they are with your solicitors in time. However you do not need to wait for the funds to arrive – you can complete once you’ve received our Confirmation to Developer with our assurances the monies will follow, as long as you’re happy to do so.

If you need further information you can call us on 0300 790 0570 or email 

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