Information for property developers

Registering for Help to Buy

To be able to offer and advertise properties through Help to Buy, you must first be approved by Homes England. 

Before you register for Help to Buy

Before registering for the scheme, it is extremely important that you read the Help to Buy participation guidance on 

This document gives an overview of the whole scheme, how to register and the role we play as a Help to Buy agent.  

How to register

You will need to fill out this form on to let us know you wish to register for a Help to Buy account. 

Promoting your properties on our website

We have produced a guide explaining how to upload properties for sale, using Help to Buy, onto our website. You will require an account to do this, please get in touch for us to set you up.

Using the Help to Buy brand

In order to use the Help to Buy logo and imagery, you must follow the official brand guidelines on  

It is important to follow this guidance very closely as the use of this government-approved suite of logos and straplines is closely monitored.  

Any advertising found to be contravening the guidance or misleading to consumers is regarded as a contractual breach and ultimately risks suspension of the perpetrator from the scheme.

Frequently asked questions

About Help to Buy schemes

We have published a list of frequently asked questions about how Help to Buy schemes work: 

Help to Buy: Equity Loan 

Help to Buy: Shared Ownership


Property developer FAQs

What is the maximum reservation fee?

If you are a property developer, the maximum reservation fee you can charge is £500. If the applicant isn’t successfully approved for a Help to Buy: Equity Loan then they will be eligible for a full refund, as per your contract with Homes England.

How long will the equity loan funds take to be released?

Equity loan funds can take up to twelve working days to be released once requested. 

Why have I not received any approval documents?

Once a developer gets approved for Help to Buy: Equity Loan they will appear on the Homes England Portal. We take the contact details shown on the Portal and add them on to our system. If there is someone in your office who needs to receive documents, then we would need to receive a confirmation email from your originally-assigned contact please with their contact details before we can add them on to the system. 

What is the maximum amount of financial incentives the buyer can receive from the builder?

The maximum amount of financial incentives a buyer can receive is 5% of the full purchase price. Financial incentives for things such as legal fees, stamp duty paid, gifted deposit. We ask builders to please make sure the combined financial value of these incentives is listed on the reservation form.

The valuation price of the property has come back less than the builders are selling the property for, can the application still proceed?

No. We will not allow an application to proceed if it has been valued at less than the full purchase price. The property would have to be either re-valued or the builder would need to lower the price. 

More information

If you have been unable to find the answer to your query, please contact us.