Information for financial advisors and mortgage brokers

Information for financial advisers and mortgage brokers


Getting started

We are one of three agents, appointed by the government, that help to deliver the Help to Buy: Equity Loan in England.

Please check that we cover the geographical area in which your homebuyer is looking to buy a property.


Eligibility criteria

Help to Buy: Equity Loan uses an eligibility calculator to decide if homebuyers can apply for an equity loan.

If homebuyers are eligible, they will get an Authority to Proceed and can complete their application for a repayment mortgage. 

If the repayment mortgage offer received has a Standard Variable Rate (SVR) higher than 4.8%, the Help to Buy agent must carry out another eligibility check. The homebuyer will need to pass this second eligibility check using the higher SVR.

Financial advisers and mortgage brokers can only use the eligibility calculator for guidance. They cannot confirm that homebuyers are ‘eligible’ for a Help to Buy: Equity Loan.

All salary information must match the details provided on the Property Information Form.

Please make sure you use the eligibility calculator information guide.

Help to Buy ends on 31 March 2023.

With the scheme coming to an end, we want to help homebuyers have enough time to apply for the equity loan and get the keys to their home. We have set out several key deadlines for our customers and homebuilders to support applications in the scheme's final year. Find out more about key dates and deadlines in our FAQs.

The application process

Make sure that all the information on your client’s Property Information Form is correct.

If any information is missing or inaccurate, this will lead to delays in us being able to process the application.

We cannot process any applications until we have received both the Property Information Form and a Property Reservation Form. The reservation form will usually be supplied to your client by their homebuilder.


Online applications

Your client(s) can only apply for Help to Buy: Equity Loan online using the Property Information Form

Applications must be signed with a wet signature and dated by your client(s). 


Changes to application forms

If your client’s details change after submitting an application form, they will need to complete new documents. This includes any changes to:

  • financial information
  • plot details

Please contact us to make changes that may be needed.


Next steps

We will check the details on the Property Information Form and Property Reservation Form within 4 working days.

If the information provided is approved, we will issue an Authority to Proceed. This allows your client to make a full repayment mortgage application.

The information given when making an application must be accurate and true. False details will lead to delays and may put your client at risk of fraud, which is a criminal offence.

Please download our homebuyers’ guide for a full explanation of the equity loan application process.

You and your client will need this for future reference.


Frequently asked questions

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