Repaying your equity loan

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The way you access a Help to Buy agent is changing 

From 2 January 2020, you will be able to apply for help to buy schemes from one of three agents across England. This means our current Help to Buy agents’ services will shortly be replaced. 

The changes should not affect your house purchase. 

If you are buying a new home using a Help to Buy: Equity Loan, we will automatically transfer everything to your new agent, so that they can continue to support your equity loan application and house purchase. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch. 


Once you have completed on the sale of your home the Mortgage Administrator – Target Services Ltd - is responsible for collecting the repayment of your loan.

You will need to contact them when you either want to sell your property or repay your loan without selling. Their website contains all the details you will need to repay your loan – - or you can contact them on 0345 848 0235 or email

If you are looking for help with any of the following then you will need to contact Target.


If you want to change your main mortgage lender (remortgage) you will require Homes England and, if applicable, the Developer Lender consent. There are certain requirements that must be met for your request to be considered:

  • The mortgage term with the new lender must not exceed the unexpired term of your existing mortgage. For example, if remortgaging a 25 year mortgage 5 years into the term, the new mortgage should not exceed 20 years.
  • The new mortgage must be no more than the existing loan with the main lender mortgage. The exception to this is if you are going to use the additional borrowing to repay your equity loan.

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Redemption is the full repayment of your equity loan. There are two ways you can redeem your loan:

  1. Repaying your loan when selling your property
  2. Repaying your loan without selling your property

The process is different for each step but in each case you will need to speak to Target to let them know you want to redeem the loan.

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Staircasing is the partial repayment of your equity loan without selling your property. There are two ways you can do this:

  1. Staircasing without another loan being secured on your property
  2. Staircasing by securing another loan on your property

The process is different for each step but in each case you will need to speak to Target to let them know you want to Staircase.

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Other Enquiries

Target also deal with other enquiries about your home including:

  • Conducting Home Improvements
  • Subletting
  • Moving Away From Base
  • Change of Ownership

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