The Lee family finally get their dream home thanks to Help to Buy

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Teresa Lee, 40, and her husband Wayne, 42, didn't think they would be able to afford the family home they dreamed of until Help to Buy assisted them in moving back to the area they love.

The couple, along with their three daughters Mia, 11, Sadie, 9 and Anya, 5 have just moved into a brand new three bedroom home at The Bakestones, a new development in the village of Delph, Oldham. Developed by Three60 Property Investors, the development boasts 46 stylish new homes including two, three and four bedroom properties set in a traditional village setting.

The family originally lived in the area but were forced to move when the owners of the house they were renting wanted to move back in.

Teresa explains, "When I was pregnant with our third daughter we had to sell our home as it wasn't big enough, but we didn't have enough deposit to buy a bigger home so we had to rent privately. Then the owners of the house wanted us to leave so we were forced to move out of the area. However, the children were settled at the local primary school and we didn't want to uproot them, so we would travel into the area every day and always knew that we wanted to move back."

But Teresa knew they just didn't have enough deposit to buy the home they needed, in the location they wanted. Then she heard about Help to Buy.

"I heard about Help to Buy on the news, and I knew it would be perfect for us and the only way we could afford to buy a family home," she says.

Through the Help to Buy scheme, you only need to raise a 5% deposit and can access the support of up to 20% in the form of an equity loan from the Government. There's nothing to pay on the loan for five years and, best of all, the loan is interest free for that time.

So now they had the means, they just needed the right home and in July 2013 building began at The Bakestones.

"Before the foundations were even laid I had reserved on Plot 1," Teresa laughs. "The development was immediately attractive to us, the location was ideal and we really wanted to move here.

"It's been a bit of a waiting game, but that was fine for us as we were in a good position, still renting privately, so there was no chain or anything to worry about."

The couple, their three daughters and the family dog, Shabba, finally moved into their new home two weeks ago, and couldn't be happier.

"Moving with three children and a big dog was hard work, but once we got here that was all forgotten. It's perfect for us and feels like a happy home already. We couldn't be happier to be back in the village community, no more commuting in and out! We're within walking distance of the school and the children are near their friends which has made a big difference. It's impacted on the whole family.

"And it wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for Help to Buy. Without it we wouldn't have even considered buying," Teresa says, "I would recommend it to anyone, if you think you can save the 5% deposit needed, go for it!"

If Teresa and family have inspired you to find out more about Help to Buy you can call us on 0300 790 0570 or email For more information about The Bakestones visit