Craig and Stephanie take the next step thanks to Help to Buy

Bathroom fitter Craig and his dental nurse partner Stephanie, along with their dog Dixie moved into their first home at the end of May. Having saved up their deposit for around 18 months they went looking for a three-bed property they could grow into in the future, somewhere quite with a decent amount of space and nice garden.

Craig told us about their property search “We thought new build would have been far too expensive for us. We had been looking around for more than a month and had been on a few viewings before we saw the house we ended up buying. All the older houses we had seen in our price range needed too much work doing to them, so we went to look at a new build. When we were on the viewing the developer told us about the Help to Buy scheme and it looked like it would really help us out.” He continued to tell us that “Help to Buy was the only reason we were able to afford the house by reducing the amount of deposit we needed, it really worked in our favour”.

Having both lived with parents previously, Craig said that their independence is the best part of owning their new home. “The washing and bills was a bit of a shock to the system, but it’s worth it to live together”.

Talking about the Help to Buy process Craig said “it was all really straight forward, the IFA and our solicitor sorted pretty much everything for us, we just had to pass along the information they asked for. We didn’t end up having any direct contact with the Help to Buy team, it really wasn’t stressful at all.” And when asked if would recommend the Help to Buy scheme to anyone else Craig replied “Yes, definitely. It didn’t add any extra time or stress to the purchase and made a previously unaffordable house affordable.”