Your Shared Ownership Questions Answered

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We understand the scheme and its paperwork can seem daunting, so through our website, social media and contacting the team here in the office we are always looking for ways to help.

We recently posted on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram asking for your Shared Ownership questions. We had a great response and so sat down with … to put your questions to them.


  1. How does the shared ownership scheme work?
    You have the ability to buy a percentage of a new build home from a housing association. The remaining percentage is retained by the association, to whom you pay a monthly charge for the part you do not own. This means that you require a much smaller deposit and mortgage to purchase your share. 
  1. How do I know if I am eligible?
    You can apply through our website, and with a maximum turnaround time of four working days, you can find out if you are eligibly very quickly. We check the basic criteria; that you can sustain long term home ownership, do not earn more than the £80,000 salary cap and do not own any other property at the same time as buying through Shared Ownership. The Housing Association will then carry out a more thorough check before the sale is agreed. 
  1. Will I ever own 100% of my property?
    You usually have the option to increase your share up to 100% - excluding some Shared Ownership schemes like OPSO (older person shared ownership) but this does depend on the housing association and you should check with them before you buy. 
  1. What fees are involved?
    We do not charge any fees for our service however normal property purchase fees apply, including solicitor fees, mortgage fees etc. A solicitor and Mortgage Advisor should be consulted to get quotes for the fees involved. 
  1. Do I send my Rent to Buy application to you?
    No, the modern Rent to Buy scheme is ran and administered by the housing association so you should go to them directly. There are a small amount of re-sale properties available under the older “Rent to HomeBuy” scheme which we do deal with, so it’s worth checking. 
  1. How do I apply for shared ownership?
    You can apply here before choosing a property you want to purchase. Your approval lasts for 6 months, after that time you may be asked to reapply with your up-to-date circumstances. 
  1. My property is not listed when I apply, what can I do?
    The properties listed on our website are maintained by the housing association themselves, so properties may not be listed immediately. If this is the case you can notify us of the details for the property via the “more information” box on the application form or via email so we can correctly file your application. 
  1. I’ve changed my mind about which property I want, how do I do this?
    Get in contact with our team here in the office via email. We require the changed details in writing so we can update your application. 
  1. How easy is it to get a mortgage for Shared Ownership?
    The list of lenders and their products for shared ownership is expanding all the time. The best way to check your options would be to speak to a financial advisor. You can find a list of financial advisors that we have worked with here. 
  1. Who is responsible for repairs and on-going maintenance to my home?
    You take on all the responsibilities of being a home owner when you have purchased through Shared Ownership. For communal areas, in an apartment building for example, and for building defects the housing association will be responsible. Understanding what responsibilities fall to you is an important step to take during the property purchase.

We are always on hand to answer your questions if they weren’t covered here or in our FAQs section. You can contact us through the website, by emailing the office, getting in touch on social media or even meeting us face to face when we attend new development open days (which you can find out about through Twitter).